Bulk Inspection

System features

Detection of: Foreign bodies, cross contamination, product quality (black spots, burnt product, broken product) ...etc.

Bulk Inspection


In the food industry, safety and quality are paramount. Every product that arrives on supermarket shelves must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is free of any contaminants that could compromise the health of consumers. At I.F.S., we understand the importance of this process and have developed systems to address these needs.

Outstanding Features:

Our systems employ state-of-the-art technology to detect and remove any unwanted contaminants in your food products. From metals to plastics, glass and other foreign materials, our systems ensure your product meets the highest quality standards.

Inspection is carried out in real time, allowing immediate detection and correction of any potential contamination before it affects the production line.

We not only focus on end products, but also verify the cleanliness of surfaces and equipment to prevent potential sources of contamination throughout the process.

We ensure that your production meets the highest food safety standards, protecting the health and welfare of consumers, and complying with local and international food safety regulations and standards.

Easily integrated into your production line, you can choose a complete system with in-line conveying and rejection or simply perform bulk product inspection in-line. It offers a comprehensive solution to improve quality and optimise production.

Benefits to your Production:

Consumer Confidence and Brand Protection:

Protect the health and well-being of your customers by ensuring your products are free of contaminants, building a reputation for trustworthiness and avoiding incidents that could damage your brand’s reputation.

Regulatory Compliance and Cost Savings:

Avoid penalties and ensure compliance with food safety regulations by integrating a proactive verification and inspection system, minimising the risk of product recalls and associated financial losses.

Production Efficiency:

Detect contaminants quickly and efficiently, without interruptions to the production line, ensuring efficient and safe production.

Find out how we can strengthen your production process and protect the health of your consumers. Contact us for a personalised demonstration and raise the safety and quality of your products to new standards. Together, we can ensure that your food is always safe and of the highest quality.