Stainless steel tables for the food industry

Workbenches and platforms Operators

Production/processing tables and mobile/fixed platforms

  • Tables for product conveying
  • Hybrid tables for cutting and drainage of liquids
  • Bacon, ham, cheese cutting tables
  • Operator platforms with ladders and handrails
  • Platforms for mobile operators

Workbenches and platforms Operators

At I.F.S., we are proud to offer a wide range of specialized solutions for operators and production tables, meticulously designed to ensure efficiency, safety and quality in every working environment. Let us guide you through our portfolio highlighting our platforms for working at height and our versatile worktables.

Work at Height Platforms:

Our platforms are precision engineered to meet the specific needs of working at height. Whether operators require access with ladders and handrails or prefer a solution without, we tailor each design to comply with relevant regulations and ensure maximum safety.

Stainless Steel Construction:

  • We prioritize durability and strength, using high quality stainless steel in each construction for extended life and superior corrosion resistance.

Anti-Slip Tear Plate:

  • Safety is our priority. We incorporate 3/5 or 2/6 tear plate on our platforms and ladders to prevent slips and always provide a stable work surface.

Versatile Anchoring Options:

  • From adjustable bases for secure anchoring to the ground to mobile models with casters and brakes for convenient mobility, we offer versatile options to suit a variety of needs and work environments.

Custom Work/Production Tables:

Our worktables are custom designed to optimize every phase of the production process, from cutting products to handling delicate materials.

Adaptability to Customer Needs:

  • Whether for cutting meat products, the intermediate phase of production or any other specific purpose, we create tables that perfectly fit your requirements, with features such as drainage funnels, nylon/Teflon liners and more.

Built-in Precision Cutters:

  • For applications that require precise, repetitive cuts, we offer tables with built-in cutters, ideal for preparing foods such as ham, bacon, cheese, and butter, ensuring consistent quality in every operation.

At I.F.S., we are committed to providing world-class solutions that improve productivity, safety, and quality in your workplace. Contact us today to explore how we can customize our platforms and tables to meet your specific needs.