Automated food blade cleaning system

Features of the KCS-1600 system

  • Dimensions (mm): 1600x700x1900 mm
  • Weight (Kg): 395 Kg
  • Water Consumption (L): 25-30 L
  • Voltage (V/Hz): 220V / 50Hz
  • Nominal working pressure (bar): 6 bar
  • Approximate Cleaning Time (min): 5 - 7 min

Innovation in Food Blade Cleaning: Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability


In response to the growing demand from the food industry in terms of hygiene, energy efficiency and consumption reduction, we present an innovative proposal focused on the design and manufacture of a customised cleaning system for blades. This system, built entirely in stainless steel with rounded finishes and internal welds without screws, stands out for its ability to significantly improve hygiene standards in industrial environments.

Outstanding Characteristics:

Our automated system redefines cleaning, saving over 60% water compared to manual cleaning. We contribute to the conservation of this valuable resource without compromising on cleaning quality. The system is capable of performing a cleaning cycle with only 20-30L of water consumption.

We eliminate operator handling of blades, drastically reducing the risk of accidents Your equipment will be safer and more secure.

Consistency is key in cleaning. Our system guarantees consistent results in every wash, no matter how many cycles you run.

We optimise chemical usage with our touch screen controlled dosing system. You can regulate the amount of soap and sanitiser in real time, reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

Water conductivity is essential for effective cleaning. We incorporate a conductivity meter to continuously measure and adjust the amount of soap, ensuring cleaning quality at all times.

Our compact system fits anywhere in your factory. No matter where you need it, it will be ready to improve your cleaning processes.

Rely on I.F.S. Innovation:

At I.F.S., we believe in raising the standards of cleanliness and sustainability in the food industry. Our automated system offers a comprehensive solution that benefits your business and the environment. Work with us to transform your company’s food blade cleaning.