Mobile and Fixed Dumpers

Mobile and fixed dumpers features

  • Dimensions (mm): Depending on modelo
  • Weight (Kg): 240-460 Kg
  • Voltage (V/Hz): 380V / 50Hz
  • Nominal working pressure (bar): Up to 120 bar
  • Load Capacity (Kg): Up to 1.000 Kg

Mobile and Fixed Dumpers

In our product line, we offer a solution for every need, from handling smaller loads to handling large volumes of product.

- Designed for tipping cutter carts onto conveyor belts or worktables. - Equipped with two pneumatic pistons for efficient operation. - No electrical connection is required, only a compressed air connection. - Compressed air filtering and control unit for safe and reliable operation.

- With larger capacity buckets, ideal for a variety of applications. - From product selection to conveying to processes such as grilling or cooling tunnels. - Versatile and adaptable to specific production needs.

- Designed to handle payloads up to 1,000 kg. - Perfect for dumping products over production hoppers. - Facilitates efficient and safe feeding of process machinery.

All our tippers are specifically designed and tested to meet the rigorous standards of the food industry. Manufactured entirely from stainless steel and with an IP69K protection rating, we guarantee the durability and hygiene required to meet the highest quality standards.

In short, whether you need to handle small loads or large volumes of product, our line of tippers offers the perfect solution for your food handling needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can optimize your production process.